PPMX - Product

Task, Schedule or Project Plan; it doesn’t matter. Create it and get it done!

The difference between chaos and order is organization and direction. PPMX delivers a single platform to create, assign, track and collaborate on activities. You can easily create activities via the web or generate more complex schedules directly in Microsoft Project.

Communication, there is no substitute.

It doesn’t matter how or what we do, there is always the need to communicate. Whether to simply inform or to delegate, communication is the key to effective project management. That’s why we’ve made it real simple. PPMX Me is all about what’s important to you. It’s your personal dashboard into everything that’s going on that matters to you. Here you can get assignments, engage your team, collaborate and share key information that relates to your projects or assignments. PPMX Me allows you to work smarter and faster because everything you need is a single click away.

Who is doing what, when and where?

Efficient and effective utilization of limited resources is the difference between being competitive and profitable, or not. It’s important to know not only your capacity, but also where your resources are assigned, utilized and performing.

Do the Right thing, Do things Right!

Knowing who is doing what, when and where is only half the challenge. Understanding how your projects align with your business strategy and goals is the other. PPMX has out of the box functionality to help you prioritize initiatives, select optimal project portfolios and deliver on your business vision.

Where did the money go?

Once you’ve got projects moving, budgets and resources assigned, then comes the burning question: Are we on budget? With PPMX you can easily track and monitor your individual project or the entire portfolio’s budget, spend, and burn down through the multiple built-in dashboards and reports. Use the out of the box summary dashboards to help gain insights and make better decisions.

It’s time to ditch the dead weight!

PPMX is a true enterprise project and work management solution that can service a small team of 20 to an entire organization of 100,000 people. As a flexible online SaaS solution, it supports you while working virtually anywhere on nearly any device. PPMX is built in completely ‘Private Clouds’ for each client with enhanced applications and a comprehensive security model that can utilize and integrate with your Active Directory. You are in control of your enterprise solution with complete capability to integrate into other systems.

It’s time to STOP evaluating and START improving.

Spending endless cycles of meetings, debates and demos won’t solve your challenge. We can have you up and running with an enterprise class PPM solution in weeks and realize an ROI in months. You simply can’t afford to continue doing things the same way they have always been done.