About Us

Projects Refined, Work Simplified

PPMX is brought to you by the passionate PPM folks at EPMA. EPMA helps organizations refine their project management approach by simplifying how they manage work. Our goal is to bring complete visibility and accountability across the entire organization through innovative technology solutions strategically aligned with the business. We have transformed how we leverage technology to better access information, therefore enabling repeatable processes and better management of resources. We coined the term Just Enough Management (JEM), because simplification is what leads to success by getting the job done; on-time, on-budget and in scope. All of which ultimately impacts your bottom line.

The team at EPMA has decades of experience with Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management platform and has worked with thousands of clients. We have listened to their particular challenges with the tools and what they need to be more successful. PPMX gives Project Server users exactly what they’ve always desired out of project server; a simplified user interface and robust reporting capabilities right out of the box. While Microsoft focuses on the power engine behind the solution, EPMA is continually enhancing the end user experience. We are not just another software company jumping on the work management bandwagon. We are project managers and consumers of the technology, which means we think like you when developing our product. We want something that’s easy to use, easy for others to adopt and doesn’t consume a lot of time, so we can stay focused on our job.

PPMX - experience it for yourself and see the difference!