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Why do you need PPMX?

PPMX is Proactive Project Management for the neXt generation. Delivering a complete real-time enterprise collaborative work management solution for team members, project managers and executives.

See Everything

Deliver visibility across the entire portfolio

Assign Everything

Resource management made easy

Do Everything

One view to do it all

Track Everything

Project financials at a touch

Achieve Anything

Implement in weeks, ROI in months

PPMX: The Numbers Speak for Themselves
Join the 1,000’s of users who have already simplified the way they work. You must eXperience it for yourself.



$1.6 B

Value Managed



4 Months

Average ROI

  • B. Stenton, Sr. PM

    We went from 0 to 100 quickly and painlessly with PPMX, and amazingly enough everyone has embraced the new technology with ease. Our CEO now wants to roll this out to the whole company!

  • T. Johnson, COO

    PPMX is a very comprehensive solution that allowed us to eliminate or combine the large amount of programs and systems we had in place. Now our PM’s can go to one tool instead of 5, which makes their lives much easier and has eliminated all our redundancy.

  • S. Blakely, Director

    Why didn’t someone think of this before? PPMX makes reviewing all my projects quick and easy.

Stop Evaluating and Start Acting

With the ability to have a full enterprise solution deployed and working for you within a matter of weeks, you really have no more excuses.

Questions, concerns, or just need that final push over the hill? Call us today to set up a demo, discuss your particular challenges, and see how PPMX can make a difference in your organization.

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